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Dana: The 2014 Has Arrived


I am back! My three week Winter break was extremely relaxing, enough to forget about the stress of finals, and receive my final grades for last semester and sigh a huge sigh of relief. As much as I tell people I live in the foggy, nasty part of California (weather-wise), we have gorgeous weather in December/Jan. I was able to run on the beach, go on hikes, and see the family and some close friends from home. Still, after the third week, I was itching to return to Linfield, and continue on my life here.

Over the January term, I am focusing on my internship, work and being an RA.  My co-RA and I are going to start on some new hall decorations soon, which will be fun! She is an incredible artist, where I lack that talent a bit, but all the while having fun. :)

About the third of Linfield students are on campus this month, so it is nice to have a very close knit feel within the hall, as well as just around campus.  The rain has returned, which is probably a good thing with the dry weather all around.

I am currently training for a half marathon, so with the increase of mileage I will be able to see more beautiful parts of McMinnville!

This weekend I am heading up to Mt. Hood to go snowboarding, less than three hours away from Linfield, and my significant other has family only about 45 minutes away from Hood so I will be staying there to enjoy the beautiful mountain of PNW!

If you have applied or looking to apply to Linfield, I highly encourage you to come visit! I’d love to show you around this beautiful campus, and answer all the questions and worries you may have.

Until next time,

Dana Lester