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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Dana: Typical things Linfield Students Say

“What class are you taking for Jan term?” “I love that at private schools we can have Christmas Trees!” “Wait, are you traveling abroad next year?” “The library is SO far away…” “Meet at People Fountain?” “Are you going to cat cab tonight??” “Do you live in the six-pack?” “Let’s go to Dutch Bros.” “Anyone going […]

Kiera: Camping in Mexico

Hola!! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break.  I was glad to have some time to relax and see my family. On January 6th I left with 10 other classmates to Baja California Sur.  We are embarking on a GREAT adventure and taking a class called Literary Biology in the Sea of Cortez.  It […]

Morgan: Halfway Through Jan Term Already?

Today, Friday Jan. 17, marks the halfway point of our Jan Term semester. Jan term is a one month semester offered in the month of January. Linfield Students can do one of three things during this Jan Term. They can either: Take up to 3-5 credits on campus (about one class) Stay home and have […]

Dana: Oregon Experiences

Jan term is ALREADY about half way over!! This is hard to believe since it’s only been two weeks! This is my favorite time of the school year, and it has been absolutely fantastic- relaxing, working and enjoying free time. Here is a little of what is going on in my low-key life this month: […]

Morgan: January Term & CatCab

Well it’s that time of year again. The time where the Holiday break is (unfortunately) over and students everywhere are heading back to college. However, some of the Linfield students are dong just the opposite. Here at Linfield College, we have a short semester we like to call Jan Term (January Term). Its a short, […]