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Kevin: Snow in Mac!!!

Well, as the title says, we have snow in McMinnville! Such an exciting turn of events for Reading Day here on campus. Today is the metaphoric calm before the storm, but this year the actually storm came early. Reading Day is when the entire campus is basically shut down. There are no classes, activities, or really anything going on, so that students have the opportunity to start studying for their finals. This week is known by many as Dead Week. I’m not sure if that’s due to the fact that we all look like zombies after spending so much time at the library, but it can definitely seem like a fitting name at times. The great thing about the snow and cold today is that students, myself included, will be even more motivated to stay indoors and study next to a warm fireplace or heater. That being said, the Ultimate Frisbee club is still practicing today, so if you did want to get some snow fun in as a part of your day in a very interesting fashion, then come join us here in Mac. Otherwise, good luck staying warm to all, and as always, may the curve be ever in your favor.

If this is my last post of the 2013 I would like to wish everyone the best for their Holiday Season and New Year’s Celebration! Either way, tune in next time as I will write more in depth about my upcoming study abroad trip to Baja, Mexico for Jan Term 2014!

Til next time,