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Kyra: My Final Fall Semester…Wait, What?

It’s been so long since I last wrote! It’s been such a hectic semester–between work, classes, friends, and family–my last fall semester here at Linfield went by so quickly. It hardly feels like the last day of classes. In a week, I’ll be on my way to my final semester as a student here at Linfield. It’s difficult to recount just how much went on this semester, how wonderful my classes were, just how fantastic my friends have been etc. I’ll just try to show you in pictures and little stories throughout this post. Being a senior is a whirlwind experience and it’s nice to go back through to see how far you’ve come.


I’ve done a lot of various trips around the local Oregon area this past semester. One thing that’s super important, just for mental health alone when things are so stressful, is to remember to take a break, take a trip with friends, check out a place you’ve never been before, or would like to visit again.


I love exploring new places–this is Airport Park, just off of the Evergreen Aviation Center!


One thing I really like doing is heading up to Portland for the day. It’s nice to get off campus, explore the downtown area, and find new places to hang out or do some studying.














Another thing that’s really important during your senior year, or just throughout college, is finding time to appreciate the wonderful things Linfield offers us. One thing that I just love about Linfield is the beauty of our campus! My favorite season is the fall, but I love winter nights walking around at Linfield. The air is just so crisp and the skies are so clear! It’s also great to take advantage of the opportunities to get to know people and sign up for trips through the CIC–these are specially designed for Linfield students, so why not? I love seeing what trips or events are going on throughout the week. Lectures, off campus activities, club events are all here for us and we only have four years here!


I took this in late October, on my way to a Peer Advising meeting in the evening.


I was able to go on a “Taste of” event to Bamboo Sushi in Portland! It was so delicious!













Of course, keeping up with school and classes is incredibly important. Getting an education is what we’re here for! I’m so appreciative that I can attend a school where I get to do what I love, get paid over the summer to do what I love, and translate that into my work as a student. It’s a special opportunity. This semester, I’ve been working on my Thesis for our Senior Seminar Capstone class in the English department. I completed my Thesis presentation on Tuesday, which was such a relief! I’ve been working hard, reading, writing and researching–the results are beginning to show! While I don’t turn my completed Thesis in until next week, it’s still so nice to see my progress over the past few years in terms of how I approach my major, literary theory and the quality of work I turn in.


I purchased a new notebook to keep track of my thoughts/notes/research throughout the thesis process! I find having a fresh notebook really helps motivate me to fill it up with everything I’m discovering!


The focus of our capstone this year is Charles Dickens’s “Our Mutual Friend”–these are a few of the books I’ve checked out to help in my research!














However, throughout all of this, working well, staying sane and producing work I’m proud of would be impossible without an incredible support system. My friends and family are the backbone of this experience. Although I’ve got a lot of motivation, these are the people I turn to when college is difficult, when I need a break, someone to talk to, someone to discuss my writing, classes, exciting new things I’m learning and so much more. Making close connections at college is one of the most important things you will ever do at school–whether it be a professor you really connect with, your roommate Freshman year, the girl sitting next to you in an LC class, or someone you met during one of the incoming student receptions–these people will help make your next four years so very memorable. I really don’t know where I’d be without the support, encouragement, and love of these special people.













IMG_7555 IMG_3650 IMG_1786












College is so exciting! It’s a whirlwind of great experiences, a lot of stress, amazing opportunities, wonderful people, up/downs/in-betweens–I’ll try not to get too Hallmark or cheesy. I’m so looking forward to seeing how my experience will evolve over my last Jan Term and last Spring Semester here.