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Morgan: Finals Week and January Term

Well it’s that time of year again. That time of the year when I practically live in the library. It’s finals week.

Luckily I only have three finals and a reflection paper this year so I’m not too worried. I have finals in my Approaches to Religion class, Introduction to Mass Communications class, and my Introduction to Statistics class. My reflection paper is in my Introduction to Media Writing class. None of my finals are accumulative.

This Friday, Dec 6 is Reading day. Therefore no one will have class that day so that students can use that time to study for finals. Then finals start that next week. The college schedules the finals depending on the time the class takes place. You can view this year’s finals schedule on the Linfield website.

This year my last final is Wednesday at 8 a.m. then I can go home right after!

I will then return to campus on Sunday, Jan 5 for January term. Jan term is an optional semester that students can take.

Here at Linfield we run on a 4-1-4 schedule. We have a four month fall semester, a four month spring semester, and in between those two we have a one month January term.

Jan term is like a full semester of a class crammed into one month. During that Jan term semester you can do one of three things. You can either:

  • Take up to 3-5 credits on campus (usually one class), or onlinesnowsnow
  • Stay at home and have an extra long holiday break
  • OR travel abroad

All three of these options are evenly distributed with about 1/3 of students participating in each.

This year for Jan term I am taking a 4 credit Visual Communications class and a 1 credit Zumba class! I’m really excited for both (mostly the Zumba).


I hope to see you soon!