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Dana: Getting Inspired by Linfield Students

They say college is about opening up to new ideas, or exploring the world in a new way. Some may find that opportunity in a class, or during a service project. Or during an internship on campus. Today, I found the inspiration in my Public Speaking class.  What do you expect to learn in a Public Speaking course? How to become a better speaker, maybe? I am realizing now, it is much more than that. Because surprisingly enough, you do a whole lot of listening as well. So not only have I learned more about the qualities of a good public speaker, I have learned about The Netherlands, Kanye West, Boxing, Grudge Music, and more. Recently the speech that stuck with me, was “Why to read a good book.” A student in the class spoke about the idea of reading for fun. I was an avid reader when I was younger, it was something I considered a hobby. Starting up high school, my free time was limited, and when I had it, books were no longer on my priority list.  The speech I heard recently caught my eye, and since has influenced me to buy a book on Amazon, and rent another from our library. I plan to read both of them over Christmas break, and get back into routine reading before bed.  Something else cool, is I ended up purchasing a book written by the same author I read in my Christianity class. I may sound cheesy, but I just love how I can put together my classes and really see how it shapes me as a person. Look at me getting inspired by a speech in Public Speaking, and going to buy a book by the same Author from reading in another class! I just love it.

I am officially setting up my internship for over our January Term, and I am oh, so excited about it! Thanks to Career Development Services Department and the Dining Services, I get to do something I am passionate about AND help out Linfield! More details to come I am sure!


Thanksgiving break was last week and it was such a joy to have my sister visit and see some Oregon beauties! We visited Silver Falls, outside of Salem, about 45 minutes away from Linfield. It is definitely a destination in Oregon, and it was BEAUTIFUL. We then went shopping in Lincoln City at the outlet malls and watched the sunset at the beach. Lincoln City is also about 50 minutes away. All very doable day trips, and I sure felt blessed to be close to all these amazing places! (See pictures below)!

1.image 2.IMG_29103. IMG_3078 4.IMG_3089

1. Silver Falls! South Falls 177ft tall.

2. Frozen icicles along the trail. It was COLD, and icy!

3. Lincoln City, Road’s End Beach.

4. My dear sister and I watching the sunset at the beach.

I did not go back to California for the Thanksgiving Holiday and instead went to Portland to stay with my boyfriend’s family! It was hard in some ways to be away from my family for the holidays, but in others, it was so nice to see how another family celebrates, and to be welcomed so graciously. Being a bit of a hassle to feed (gluten, dairy-free), I was introduced to some awesome grocery stores in Portland. One called New Seasons which I highly recommend anyone checking out, and I plan to stock up on food whenever I am visiting, because I loved it. Great quality food, locally owned and operated, and lots of options of food I can eat. :) Part of college is building a sort of new family, whether that is through a Fraternity, Sorority, team or Residence Hall. My Thanksgiving WAS spent with family, a family that I chose. Going to college is a new opportunity where you form new ideas, and connect with new people, maybe even enough to spend the holidays together.

My Christmas Pandora station is up, and I am frantically putting together creative, yet affordable presents for my family and friends. Christmas break is the ultimate present and reward for working so hard for Finals, and (hopefully) passing all classes with sufficient scores. When I am stressed studying I try to look towards break where I can snuggle with my huge lap dog lab, Enzo, drink Chai tea with my friend at my favorite local coffee shop, and overlook the ocean on all my runs at home. I know it will all be worth it, and the end of a difficult semester is near.

Happy Holidays everyone!