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Kevin: Linfield Alumni Magazine

One of the cool ways that Linfield stays connected to current students, alumni, and their families is through the Linfield Alumni Magazine. There are three issues published each year talking about the numerous things going on here in McMinnville. The most recent issue for Fall 2013 focused on the scientific research being conducted here all over campus in numerous departments. I know I’ve written extensively about the opportunities for students interested in the sciences here at Linfield, but this magazine tells about a lot of projects and opportunities I didn’t even know about. As soon as it is up online I will post a link to it here (currently this links to the Summer 2013 issue). In the meantime, just know that Linfield students are doing research in places such as France, Chicago, and in the Pacific Ocean while working to understand and develop solutions to problems such as cancer, terrorist activity, and environmental pollution. Linfield may be a small school, but I’d say we’re doing some pretty big science! If that’s not exciting then you may still be feeling the effects of the tryptophan in your system from the Thanksgiving turkey. Regardless, Linfield is a place where a lot of exciting work is being done, and the Linfield Alumni Magazine helps keep us connected and informed.

Semester Schedule Update: One week of classes and then finals! Lots of work to do, but it should be a fun week!

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