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Kiera: Weekend excursion

I hope you are all staying warm as the weather gets much colder!  I have begun wearing thermal clothes more and more often, although, I’m almost always cold.

I love all of the activities that go on around this campus and in the area!  This past Saturday I went ice skating with the German club.  We went up to the Lloyd Center mall in Portland where we skated.  It was super fun!  I’ve only been twice before and I am happy to say that I only fell once, however in an area that had some water, so I got a little wet.  Afterwards we had a little extra time so we walked around the mall for a while.  It was pretty cool; I’ve never been to that mall before.  I was able to get a gift for my secret Santa, which is something my friends and I do.  We then went to eat dinner at the Rheinlander restaurant.  It is a German restaurant with some really good food and traditional decorations.  I had wiener schnitzel and a German soft pretzel which were really good!!  On our way back we stopped at a Dutch Bros., which is a drive through coffee company unique to Oregon.    We decided to stop by since some people in our van had never been.


Next week is Thanksgiving break and we get the whole week off.  I’m not going to lie, after twelve weeks of classes, I am really happy to have a whole week off where I can eat home cooked food and play with my cat.