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Dana: Pre-Finals Finals Week

Hello there!

Looking back on the week, I was completely blown away by our Theatre department last Friday. We went as a hall event for Elkinton. I have been to almost every performance they have put on, and each time they rock it. If you are a prospective student looking to be apart of an awesome theatre program Linfield will provide, no doubt. The plays are always very unique and creative and covers a variety of topics. The play on Friday was about the Iraq war and the students do great research to provide as accurate story line as possible. I have found myself thinking about the play again and again throughout the weekend.

Well this is the final week before Thanksgiving Break, and while excited for the break, getting through this week will be the real test. Today I had my last exam in Organic Chemistry before the final. To look at the positive in this situation, and I am blessed to have help from a tutor for O.Chem. Here at Linfield, if you are struggling in a class or even just need additional help regardless of your grade in the class, tutors are available. I am paired with a senior bio-chem major, and we work together throughout the week. He helped me a lot preparing for this exam.

Next up is my final speech for my Public Speaking course. It is a persuasive speech, and while it would be really fun to put one together persuading people to attend Linfield, I want it to work for the audience, which are already Linfield students of course! So, I have chosen the topic of learning a musical instrument. My family always put great value on music growing up, and I played the Oboe for seven years. While I have not continued it in college, I still see great value in what I learned musically, and the opportunities I gained from the experience of learning an instrument. I hope to encourage that with my speech!

And finally,  I have an essay test on Wednesday for my Christianity course.

This week will be tough, almost a finals week before actual finals, but I am rewarded with a nice long break where my sister is coming to visit me! We are going to try out my Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pumpkin pie before I try it out on Thanksgiving in case it is awful.

Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time,