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Kiera: Events, Events, Events!

Happy November!!  Just three more weeks until Thanksgiving break and I am really looking forward to it!  A week of no class and good homemade food…um…YES!!

Every year Linfield puts on a Resident Hall trick-or-treat for the kids in the community and for a few hours in the evening little kids come and trick-or-treat at our room doors.  My roommate and I handed out candy to the kids.  They were so cute!!  I haven’t done anything for Halloween in 11 years, but this year I decided to get dressed up for the kids.  My friends helped me out and I was a huntress for Halloween.  After the resident hall trick-or-treat a bunch of my friends got together and we ate food and played board games.  We had a blast!!


As you may or may not know, I am going abroad for this upcoming January term.  So right now I am taking a January term orientation class.  We have read two books by John Steinbeck; A Log in the Sea of Cortez, and The Pearl.  We are also writing a credo.  A credo is a statement of your beliefs and why you believe in those things.  It is very philosophical.  It is a difficult paper to write and I am definitely having difficulty with it.  I met with my professors to go over it and they picked it apart and I had to reorganize my paper, but after going over it with them step by step I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  Now if only I could just put it all together into one cohesive essay…hmm.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Residence Hall Association give residents the opportunity to have leadership roles within their hall; so this might be Hall President, Wellness Chair, Birthday Chair, Green Chair, or a Peer Conduct Board Member.  I am the wellness chair for my hall, so last Friday I put on an event title Hot Retro Yoga.  We did yoga in the lounge in front of the fireplace with the lights out.  It was a lot of fun!

On the first Sunday of each month their are hall meetings.  These are short group meetings with your RA’s to get information and such.  After every hall meeting my friends and I have made it a tradition to get ice cream from Dairy Queen.  I was very happy about their pumpkin pie blizzards!  It was really good, like pumpkin pie in a cup!

This week there was a discussion and panel about War and Citizenship.  Although I had to work and therefore missed most of it, I did get to hear a bit at the end and it was really interesting.  Later this week three professors are presenting the results of some of the research they have been doing.

Stay warm and dry and have a GREAT week!!