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Dana: Halloween transistions

The end of October always marks a transition for me. The beginning of November marks signing up for upcoming classes, which is slightly stressful, but exciting at the same time. SO, to get ready for the changes, I decided to chop my hair off.  First time since eighth grade, so a fun change for me!

Tomorrow I sign up for my Spring/Jan Term courses, and I am hoping things work out! Since the average class size is so small at Linfield, popular classes fill up fast! I made the decision to not take a class offered during Jan term, but would not miss being here for the world. I will be working here at the Admission Office and participating in an internship and/or volunteer position that I am setting up with Career Development Program on campus.  I am interested in studying Nutrition and someday having a career in that field, so I will be finding an opportunity to work in that field during January, I hope! The career development office is a fantastic resource on campus, that I am so happy I am able to utilize. I came in with no concrete idea of what I wanted to do, and they worked with me to figure out my needs.

Additionally, I may be taking on a role with the dining services on Campus, by working with the Chefs and workers by labeling meals with “Gluten-free” and/or “dairy-free”.  I am unable to eat dairy, and have had additional health issues continue and decided to remove gluten from my diet as well. I was nervous about this, being that I am on the meal plan here at Linfield, and did not want to just eat salad every day. I met with the head Chef, Noah, and the General Manager, Bill this morning, and they reassured me about my options. I was very relieved to hear that they have many options, not always advertised, but available for people like me! I want to work with them to advertise and market the options that are out there, to make it easier and more inviting for students with dietary needs/concerns. Today, I was reminding of how hard our dining services people work in working with the students, and they really do want feedback! They love hearing from students of input they may have, and while the continuous stereotype of bad college food, or freshman 15 still happens, I see Linfield striving to defy that, and they want to provide the best, and highest quality food possibly for our students!

Aren’t we lucky?

I am working on adding more fun to my weekends, as sometimes I tend to try to catch up on all sorts of homework during those precious days.  But this coming weekend, I am excited to go bowling in town, a very short walk from campus! On the weekends they have something called “Cosmic Bowling” where they play music, and have black lights and more.  It’s a great time with friends, for a couple hours on a Friday or Saturday night! Additionally, my friend is putting on a tea get-together Saturday morning, and I am not one to pass up good tea! Additionally, I will get in a few runs including an 8 miler around town.

Hope everyone voted today!