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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Kiera: Weekend excursion

I hope you are all staying warm as the weather gets much colder!  I have begun wearing thermal clothes more and more often, although, I’m almost always cold. I love all of the activities that go on around this campus and in the area!  This past Saturday I went ice skating with the German club. […]

Kevin: Speaking Simply about Science

One of the biggest obstacles that scientists face at any stage in their career is in communicating about their work to non-scientists. This is very important when it comes to make decisions about funding, policies, and new directions for research. Many times the major decision makers don’t come from a scientific background, and this gap […]

Morgan: Elections

Today is a very nerve-racking and exciting day for me. Today is the day of Alpha Phi Elections. Alpha Phi runs elections by calendar year rather than academic year. There are so many leadership positions available within Alpha Phi which gives girls several opportunities to get involved. Right now I hold the Director of Sisterhoods […]

Dana: Pre-Finals Finals Week

Hello there! Looking back on the week, I was completely blown away by our Theatre department last Friday. We went as a hall event for Elkinton. I have been to almost every performance they have put on, and each time they rock it. If you are a prospective student looking to be apart of an […]

Kevin: Finals are right around the corner

We have two more weeks of classes and then finals. Let’s take a second and let that sink in. This semester has flown by seemingly at warp speed, and it’s crazy to think that it’s almost done. We’ll have a week of class next week, a week off for Thanksgiving, one more week of class […]