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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Kyra: Pumpkin Pie, Peer Advising and more papers!

These past two weeks have been absolutely gorgeous! Fall is most definitely my favorite time of year. I love the way the leaves turn, the brisk air, the fact that my birthday is coming up in a month…It’s a great time of year. Although it’s been almost unseasonably warm for October, the sunshine is a […]

Austin: Colloquium and Academic Advising at Linfield

  One of the activities that I am involved with this year works through the Academic Advising office, in a program called Colloquium. Colloquium is a 1 credit class taken by students during their first semester at Linfield, and it is co-taught by a peer advisor and a faculty advisor. The focus of the course […]

Kiera: New Friends and New Knowledge

We have been having wonderful weather!!  A little chilly, but sunny!!  We are half way through the semester!!  But that also mean exams, exams, exams.  Phooey. The unity retreat was awesome!!  I went late on Friday with a few others to Camp Yamhill.  It was a short car ride, but fun.  I definitely made a […]

Dana: Results of the Pumpkin Excursion, Willamette Valley Gems

I’ll allow these pictures to do the talking first:   These pictures were taken at Farmer John’s Produce only 5 miles away from Linfield Campus. The valley fog lifted as we arrived to the pumpkin patch, and it became these gorgeous warm Sunday afternoon. Farmer John’s was much more than a pumpkin patch. Inside the […]

Kevin: The quality of a Linfield education

The education students receive here at Linfield is not your average, run of the mill college degree. By no means is this the first time that I’ve had this realization or come to this conclusion; instead, I’ve had a number of experiences show me this is true (see here and here for some examples). This […]