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Kevin: Linfield’s connection to the 2013 World Series

Alright, who saw Game 3 of the World Series Saturday night? If you didn’t see it I’ll summarize what happened in the bottom of the ninth inning that led to a victory for the Cardinals. Cardinals baserunner Allen Craig was running to third base and the Red Sox catcher tried to throw him out. The Sox third baseman, Will Middlebrooks, had to dive to try and catch the throw. He ended up missing the ball, and Craig tripped over Middlebrooks as he tried to head for home plate and score. Umpire Jim Joyce called obstruction on the play, meaning Craig was automatically safe at home plate, which caused the Cardinals to win. Now you may be asking why this is relevant to my blog here for the Admission Office at Linfield College. Bringing things back to Linfield, one of the classes offered in our History Department is History of Baseball. It is offered the spring semester of even numbered years, which means it is offered next semester. In addition, Major League Umpire Jim Joyce comes to campus and guest lectures for the class one day, giving an MLB umpire’s perspective on the Great American Pastime. Yes, the same Jim Joyce that made the obstruction call in the World Series on Saturday. Talk about an amazing opportunity! We register for classes next week, and I can only imagine that the History of Baseball class just gained a whole lot more interest as Jim Joyce cemented himself in baseball history for the second time with a somewhat controversial call. While it is a distant connection, it is pretty cool to be able to say that here at Linfield College we are indeed connected to this year’s World Series, even if it is just through an umpire. Linfield has connections all over the world in a number of disciplines, this one just happens to be in the national spotlight. I highly encourage you to check out more of our website to find out more about Linfield’s numerous connections.

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