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Dana: Results of the Pumpkin Excursion, Willamette Valley Gems

I’ll allow these pictures to do the talking first:




These pictures were taken at Farmer John’s Produce only 5 miles away from Linfield Campus. The valley fog lifted as we arrived to the pumpkin patch, and it became these gorgeous warm Sunday afternoon.

Farmer John’s was much more than a pumpkin patch. Inside the market area, there was fresh cucumbers, squashes of all sizes, potatoes, Jams, nuts, dried fruit, fresh apples, watermelons and much more.  I was glad I hadn’t ate lunch yet, because there were samples of almost everything edible! I bought some huge cucumbers for a great deal, and some jam to share with the family I am spending thanksgiving with. I also picked out two pumpkins from the patch, that are now sitting outside my door adding the fall flavor to my floor. I am planning on using one to make a pie for thanksgiving, as I was assigned the pie duty this year (well, I assigned it to myself…)! Farmer John’s was a such a great experience to see what all goes on in the Willamette Valley. I already want to go back before harvest season is over. It would even be a great bike ride being that it is so close!

Additionally, I had my last cross country meet this Saturday, since I did not make the conference team. It was a rough season for me, but overall our girls are extremely talented and very competitive. I am very proud of the team, and great things lay in store. Our meet was held at McIver Park in Estacada, OR, speaking of gorgeous places nearby… It is one of my favorite place to race, as part of the course lines the river, and it feels a lot like home. It was another gorgeous day, and a great turnout of athletes, as we had twice the amount of competitors as last year!

My weeks will slow down a bit with no more official practice and some time off of running to get my body some rest.  I plan on getting back to some yoga, and some nice long runs once running gets back on to train for Track season!

School is going really well, although each week I am a little nervous for what the week as in store, I am able to come out alive and even doing well! I was much happier with my second exam results for my Organic Chemistry class this time, and my goal is getting back on track. Linfield challenges you academically, something I am continually impressed with, as the students work hard.

This week, I am getting ready for the holidays, and we are decorating our lounge!!

Hopefully pictures will be up soon enough!

Until Next time,