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Dana: Residence Life at Linfield College

Hello world!

I know when I was applying for colleges, I was very eager to learn about the residence life on campus. What is my dorm going to look like? Is living in a residence hall fun?

As an RA now at Linfield, I can tell you a bit more about the residence life on campus.

To start, we call our living communities residence halls, instead of dormitories, as the word “dormitory” has the root, dormir, which means, “to sleep,” and instead we want our living communities to be a place of growth and connection, another area for learning.

Linfield is a residential campus, and we are proud of it. Since we are a small community, with 1700 students, we like to stick together, and close together that is. It is really convenient to be close to your classes and other classmates and friends while being a full-time student at Linfield. A car isn’t necessary all four years, and there has been a correlation to better grades and happier students when living on campus. We have a three-year on campus requirement for students, and most seniors chose to finish out their final year staying on campus, in one of our nice apartment options.

At Linfield, we have 17 residence halls on campus. That is quite a few, as we like to keep the numbers down to create an environment where a small community can be built. We have three all-female halls, and one all-male halls. The rest of the halls are separated by floor.  Each hall has a communal kitchen on the first floor, with laundry available included with cost, so no more obnoxious quarter machines! Each floor has a communal bathroom for the appropriate gender.  Each hall is very unique down to each room. Some rooms have sinks in the rooms while others have walk in closets!

Each hall has 1-4 trained residence advisers living on the floors available for students.  As an RA, we deal with primarily programming for our community. For example, as I mentioned in my previous post, Elkinton Hall is headed to the Pumpkin Patch this Sunday! RAs plan a variety of on-campus and off-campus events to provide options for students and residents to be a part of. Additionally, the RAs are trained with conflict resolution skills, interpersonal skills, CPR, and much more to be a resource for the students on campus.

Students spend the first two years in residence halls, and their junior year, typically chose an apartment style living.  We have six different options for apartment style living for Juniors and Seniors.

The following links show you through our options of living at Linfield!

Housing options

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