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Morgan: Greek Life at Linfield

At Linfield, we have Greek Life. Greek Life is the fraternity and sorority community on campus. The terms “fraternity” and “sorority” describe groups of men and women who join together to offer fellowship, academic support, leadership training, participation in campus activities, service to the community and University, and preparation for future careers. They are referred to as Greek chapters because they are named according to the ancient Greek alphabet.

Here at Linfield we have four fraternities and four sororities.


Alpha Phi Bid Day 2012


  • Delta Psi Delta (ΔΨΔ)
  • Theta Chi (ΘΧ)
  • Kappa Sigma (ΚΣ)
  • Pi Kappa Alpha (ΠΚΑ)


  • Alpha Phi (ΑΦ)
  • Zeta Tau Alpha (ΖTA)
  • Sigma Kappa Phi (ΣKΦ)
  • Phi Sigma Sigma (ΦΣΣ)

The fraternities at Linfield have houses, however the sororities do not. The sororities just have a chapter room, and the chapter rooms are located in the basement of Miller Hall.


My Alpha Phi Big Sister and Grand Big Sister

I am a member of the Alpha Phi Sorority. In Alpha Phi, I hold a position as the Director of Sisterhood. I plan all of our events just involving the sisters of my sorority. Some events I have planned are movie nights, letter making nights, ice cream sundae nights, etc. I am currently planning a pumpkin patch trip for my sisters! This Saturday, Oct. 19th, the sisters of Alpha Phi will be making a trip out to Heiser Farms and their pumpkin patch. Right when we get there we all take a group picture. Then, the sisters can eat a variety of seasonal foods such as caramel apples, kettle corn, pumpkin lattes, hot chocolate, as well as hot dogs, burgers, etc. After we all eat, we get on the hay ride and ride it down to the pumpkin patch. Then all of the sisters get to pick out their own pumpkin. We then head back towards Linfield and carve the pumpkins together in the Alpha Phi chapter room.That is just one of the many sisterhood events that Alpha Phi does. All of the other sororities do fun events as well! For example, the sister of Zeta Tau Alpha all took a trip to downtown Portland, OR to watch a Trail Blazer Basketball game.

This week is also the week that the new sisters of Alpha Phi will be receiving a “big sister”. I have been crafting all week to prepare to reveal my identity to my new little. I am so excited! Although all of the Greek life organizations are a family, there are smaller families within the organization itself. You will always have a sister/brother to go to within your organization.

Each Greek Life organization also has a specific philanthropy. A philanthropy is a specific cause that each chapter contributes to. For example, Alpha Phi’s philanthropy is Women’s Cardiac Care/Heart Health. Zeta Tau Alpha supports breast cancer, Phi Sigma Sigma supports school readiness, and Sigma Kappa Phi supports the local animal shelter.

Greek Life creates the incredible opportunity to get involved on campus, support your community/philanthropy, gain leadership skills, and overall meet new people and make life long friends.

Click HERE to see the Linfield College Greek Life Facebook page!


Linfield College Sororities on Bid Day 2013

Greek Life has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I high recommend rushing no matter what school you decide to go to.

(I would post more pictures of the fraternities, but they don’t take that many that I could find)


I hope to see you soon!