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Dana: Living and Loving what you do.

Hello there!

I wanted to start out my blog with a little story, that explains this week, and really, my life lately.  Today was payday for me, so I headed over to the bank during my lunch break between classes.  As I deposited my check, the bank cashier asked me what I had planned for the rest of the day. I responded with, “Class, then work.” He then replied with, “Oh, that sucks.”  I smiled, but immediately realized, No! It doesn’t suck! In fact, I was excited for the rest of today, as I liked going to class, and I love working as an Admission Ambassador. This conversation made me realize the idea of school and work has become known as an unfortunate activity, and something that “must be done.” I am currently getting a higher education at Linfield College, an opportunity I feel privileged to be taking apart of. My job brought me to the bank in the first place, helping me to afford college, and bringing endless work experience and involvement on campus.

This Friday, I am really excited for the Fall Choir Concert! A few good friends, and co-RAs are in the concert choir, and they do a great job every concert. I have attended every Choir concert while attending Linfield and have been blown away each time! They are always free, and tomorrow night I am excited for the anticipated folksongs from Indonesia and America.

Our Salem meet was last Saturday with GORGEOUS weather.  Both the men and women placed 4th within the conference teams, and we look forward to conference where we hope to take the title! We have a bit more time to taper and improve our speed, so keeping the eyes on the prize.

This coming Saturday we have the George Fox Invite, a 5K for women, and 8K for men!

And to end, here is a nice photo of some admission ambassadors hanging out with the President of Linfield, Dr. Hellie!


Have a good one!