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Dana: Fall Begins Here at Linfield

Wellness week ended with some weather, to introduce the students to Oregon Fall.

As I sipped hot tea from my residence hall, outside looked daunting. A storm hit McMinnville! Three trees fell down around campus from the high winds we had all weekend.  I was lucky to get my Saturday hill workout with the cross country team done before the real storm hit. Sunday rolled around, and the rain came down. Hard. Lucky for me I live right across the street to a 24 hour lab, so I headed there to study.

Excitement brewed as lights flickered around campus and students arrived to their rooms with wet window sills as they forgot to close their windows! Flooding occurred throughout McMinnville.  As I say this I am looking outside to blue sky and only a slight breeze, a wonderful day in Oregon!

Classes are speeding up as midterms arrive, yet with homecoming week, there are lots of distractions from studying available! One I experienced last night. We had a special Cat Cab music performance, normally on Thursdays, with all Linfield Students, some of which were classmates or co RAs! The Fred Meyer Lounge was packed full of students enjoying the free Thai Country food offered listening to very talented musicians.  Cat cabs are either Student performers, or semi-professional bands who visit our college every Thursday evening.  Last Thursday I got to see a fellow student original pieces as well as some very creative covers, some bringing tears to the audience.  I brought my residence hall to the cat cab, and I already cannot wait to go back! The talent on our campus is outstanding, and I am glad I was able to start appreciating it Thursday!

This week predicts more rain, and hopefully more good music!

Until Next Time,