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Kiera: Stepping Stones

Rainy season is here!  It’s October and pumpkin flavored everything!  I personally like the Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks because to me they taste like pumpkin pie, which I really love.  And it’s great having a Starbucks on campus where I can go get one and sit inside and do homework while I sip on a nice hot drink before going back out in the rain.

I’ve had quite a demanding, but exciting week.  I am going to declare my major this month. PSYCHOLOGY!!  So I have been thinking about who I am going to ask to be my advisor since my current advisor is not in my major area.  For me this is a big deal because I want this person to be my advisor until I graduate, so I have been thinking about the direction I want to go in psychology and which psychology professors I really mesh with.

I have been training really hard for the ORPAT.  What is the ORPAT, you might ask.  The ORPAT stands for the Oregon Physical Abilities Test which is a requirement for most law enforcement applicants.  Yep, that’s right, law enforcement.  I want to go into law enforcement, so I’ve been finding was to get involved and learn more about it.  The ORPAT is not an easy test and I am happy to say that I passed!

How am I celebrating passing my test?  Well, I’m not celebrating alone.  My roommate and I are going to Serendipity, a quaint little ice cream parlor on 3rd St. which is kind of like McMinnville’s downtown.  My roommate became a 3rd degree black belt last week and I passed my test, yesterday, so we decided to get ice cream to celebrate.  And who doesn’t like ice cream?  We both do, anyway.  I definitely suggest a stop by Serendipity and a walk down 3rd St. if you’re ever in town or decide to come to Linfield.

Over 50% of Linfield students study abroad.  I want to as well and study abroad applications are due today.  Even though everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tells you not to wait until the last minute.  I waited until the last minute to write my essay for the application, so I was up until 3 AM.  But I finally turned in my application!  One less thing to worry about, for now.  But, wait, where do I want to go?  I want to go to Aix-en-Provence, France.  Aix, as it is commonly abbreviated, is located in the south of France near Marseille.