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Austin: A weekend full of culture



One of my favorite walls in Portland

One of my favorite walls in Portland

Last week was pretty full for me, filled with preparing for my first formal essay for my English class, my first chemistry exam of the semester, a research presentation during lab meeting, and preparation for my Ecology exam this week. The Oregon weather has returned, and I love it; I no longer want to spend time outside, and the weather encourages me to be more productive with homework and studying. So, after a long week of seemingly endless meetings and homework, I had a weekend jam-packed with fun!

Friday evening I attended a short play put on by the Living Theater, and students from Linfield, (a few of them my students). The structure was very different from anything I had ever seen;  it was composed of two 15 minute acts, both of which were prepared within a short 1 week period. The topics were heavily related to the Linfield PLACE (Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement) theme: Legacies of War.  The plays closely examined the armed forces recruitment process on young individuals, as well as the story of WikiLeaks whistleblower, Private First Class Bradley Manning respectively. The acts were followed by an open dialogue with both of the play’s authors from the Living Theater, as well as Professor Jackson Miller (Communication Arts and Director of Forensics), as well as Professor Eric Schuck (Economics, and a US Naval Officer), as well as a Linfield Trustee. The dialogue was between those four, as well as the audience, and important questions were raised, and some passionate discussion occurred. It was a really neat experience, and a great way to spend my Friday evening.

Saturday I ventured to Portland, where a group of friends and I ate at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant, attended a concert, and saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The night was complete with Voodoo doughnuts and endless laughs.

Sunday was filled with sleep, and lots of homework, but overall my weekend was just the right amount of break that I needed from my busy life as a student. My weekend reminded me about one of the many things I love about Linfield: the location. Last weekend, I traveled to the coast for two days with the debate team, and this weekend I went to Portland for an evening full of fun. I love the variety in activities that are found in less than an hour and 15 minutes away! Alright, now I really do have to get back to work.

Until next time,