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Kyra: Concerts, Chaos and some Necessary slices of Pizza

No one really warns you how hectic senior year will be–this week so far I’ve had a research presentation, am writing three different papers on top of my regular reading, and am juggling work! It’s been quite the ordeal to say the least, so keeping myself balanced is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, it’s just really nice to take a long mental health break–or even a nice mental health day to recharge and reassess your life. Since I knew last week that this week would be incredibly long, I made sure to take my breaks then, so that I would be much better prepared to handle the stress of this week.

Last Wednesday, I had tickets to a concert–for a band called Why?–in Portland at the Wonder Ballroom. It’s been a long time since I’ve been up, so my friend Robin and I drove up together to see the show. Robin works on a campus for a company called Uhaul CarShare which allows Linfield students to rent cars and drive them around the greater McMinnville and Portland area. Since neither of us have cars on campus, it was a really convenient way to get up to Portland without taking the bus or having to crash in the city overnight–we both have early morning work and classes, but we really like the band so we figured the late night would be more than worth it. The concert, drive up, and the crowd were amazing! I’m really glad we took the time to go up and see them. After the show, we took some time to explore Portland at night and found a fantastic late night pizza joint in the Mississippi area. I cannot stress enough how much I love pizza, so it was a wonderful end to the night–great music, one of my best friends, and a great slice of pizza.

IMG_4640 IMG_5613