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Kevin: Sports Broadcast

If you take a look at the activities listed under my name you can see that I am involved with KSLC 90.3 FM. I spoke about it briefly in my last post, but I don’t believe I’ve every really explained just how cool of an opportunity this is. KSLC is our student run radio station here on campus, run out the of the basemen of Renshaw Hall, which is also home to Linfield’s Mass Communications Department. The great thing about KSLC is you don’t need any previous experience or training to get involved – just a passion for having your voice heard. As someone who played sports growing up and all the way through high school, I have looked to radio as a way to stay connected to the sports I love but no longer play. I have been involved with KSLC’s Sports Broadcast Team since my freshman year. I began by working in the studio and behind the scenes, and I am now one of the senior play-by-play commentators. We cover football, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, and even men’s and women’s soccer! One of the benefits of being at a small school like Linfield is that I’ve had the opportunity to pursue a hobby of mine to fullest extent. I don’t think I’d have such an opportunity at a larger institution. It’s a win-win situation because the athletes, especially those with family far way, benefit from the radio coverage as well. One of my good friends on the baseball team says his parents tune in to every game from up near the Seattle area, and they really love that they can stay connected to their son’s sports without the burden of traveling all the time. Furthermore, the student perspective adds quite a bit to our broadcast because we don’t just see the athletes when they are one the field. They are in our classes, residence halls, and every day lives. They are as much a part of the close knit Linfield community as anyone else, and I think those connections are very present in the personal nature of our broadcasts. So with that, I’ll say it one more time, tune in to the broadcast on Saturday when Linfield takes on California Lutheran University for our home opener. The Wildcats are coming off of a huge statement win, 71-21, over Hardin-Simmons, and you’ll get to hear yours truly behind the mic on the play-by-play.

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