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Austin: Weekend at the Coast!

Not a bad view to enjoy my morning coffee with! It was beautiful this weekend!

Not a bad view to enjoy my morning coffee with! It was beautiful this weekend!

One of the great things about Linfield is the location: I am about an hour away from Portland, and about 45 minutes away from Lincoln City/the beach. I love where McMinnville is, because I’m only a short distance away from the city for concerts, great restaurants, shows, and the airport, and I’m only a short 45 minutes away from the relaxing atmosphere of the beach!

I’m on the Speech and Debate Team (forensics), and this past weekend we spent a night at Neskowin, a small area just North of Lincoln City. Our hotel/condo was right on the coast, and we spent a lot of time enjoying the ocean atmosphere. We had three separate sessions, each detailing a different category of events that we do. The retreat ended with a great bonfire on the beach, including duo improvisation scenes, and s’mores. It was fun to get to know some of the new students on the team, and to work on all of our communication and rhetorical skills. We are headed to Colorado in two weeks to compete at the Air Force Academy, and then in February we are off to Hawaii! I did debate in high school, and I’m really glad that I have chosen to continue in college. This year especially, I’m starting to mesh my passion for science and health care into the speech and debate world, which is really exciting. Now to work on the never-ending task, which is homework.

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