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Austin: Research Presentation at the Science and Social Science Symposium

Me, Katie, and Riley Presenting our Project at the Symposium

One of the main reasons I selected Linfield was because of Undergraduate Research opportunities. I am fortunate enough to be involved in the Biology department researching microRNA functionality, with Dr. Catherine Reinke, a Genetecist and Molecular Cell Biologist. All semester everyone in the lab has been working with different mutations and lines of Drosophila (fruit flies) and we are about to do our big experiment portion of the project. On Friday, Linfield hosted the 41st Annual Science and Social Science Symposium in the library where most students involved with student-faculty undergraduate collaborative research presented their work through poster presentations. The two other people I have been working most closely with all semester and I, as well as my faculty advisor, worked day and night for the last couple of weeks to create our poster and perfect our presentation. It was a lot of work, but extremely rewarding and exciting. A couple of us in the lab are fortunate enough to have to opportunity to stay over the summer and continue the project as full time research assistants. Because we are a college, and not a university, all of the funding and focus is turned to the undergrads, which is a really cool feeling. Research is fascinating and applies not only in the sciences, but also in other social science departments as well.  If you’re interested in doing research (even starting as a freshman), check out Linfield!

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