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Austin: Sun!

Biology Lab outside! Taking in the beach! Luau    Luau


The last two weeks have been filled with spring-time sun, beautiful flowers, lots of sneezing, and outdoor adventures: with the 81 degree weather, it looks like summer has come early! I’m used to a hot summer, being from Boise, but not until July. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the sun and summer-like weather the last few weeks has brought. Everyone is “doing homework” outside, playing volleyball, soccer, and basking in the sun.

Along with the beautiful weather, come exciting new adventures. My friends and I went to Nesquin beach, (about an hour and 15 mins. away) last weekend and took in the sun. I was able to wear shorts and flip flops! On the Oregon coast, this is a big deal, especially given the time of year. It was absolutely beautiful and a fun Saturday day-trip to get off of campus and explore a new beach.

In Biology lab this past week, we had a bird foraging experiment that we did outside in the woods just off of campus. Within a five minute walk from the lab we were able to be in a thick wooded area and able to observe local birds and their feeding habits: it was awesome! Part of the reason I selected Linfield was because of the location, and I’m happy I’m here!

This last Saturday night was Linfield’s 41st annual Luau put on by the Hawaiian club. We have a large Hawaiian student and faculty population here on campus, and this is their main event of the year. An authentic Hawaiian restaurant catered the event (awesome food) and the main show followed. I was so amazed by the talent of all the students. There were around 10 dances, all with impeccable choreography and authentic music. It was a great experience, and I’m glad I went. It really made me appreciate the rich Hawaiian and Polynesian culture we have right here on campus.

So there ya have it, lots of fun… and lots of work too. Finals are right around the corner and the stress has already set in. The weather is perfect, but also a big temptation to give up on homework. We’re almost there!

Until next time,