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Kevin: New Orleans ACS Conference

I mentioned in my last blog post that I would be attending the American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana from April 6th through 10th. I’ve been back at Linfield for just over a week now and I’m still pinching myself to try and figure out if it was a dream or if it was real. The numerous souvenirs tell me that it was a real experience, and what a great experience it was! I went to workshops on applying to graduate school, met with graduate school recruiters, listened to talks about how to better write and speak about science, and much much more. We spent a lot of time at the Career Exposition, talking to people with numerous jobs in Chemistry, seeing where their degrees have taken them. I experienced all of this on top of the research aspect of the conference. We had a very strong showing at the Undergraduate Poster Session, and several Linfield alumni gave talks about their research as well. I even won a competition while speaking about my research, putting to use the advice I had received in many of the workshops. I was inundated with Chemistry for five days, and I absolutely loved it! It was almost as if I was on Spring Break Part 2: Chemistry style. The networking with other undergraduates and graduate school representatives was invaluable. We did also have time to see some of the tourist attractions of New Orleans, heading down to the French Quarter for lunch and dinner multiple days. Of course we had to get beignets, so we went to Cafe du Monde for that. Overall, going to ACS was an experience of a lifetime, and one that I’ll never forget. I look forward to future conferences that I will attend with the Chemistry department, and I know that opportunities like this will be what makes my time here at Linfield truly life-changing. I have built a solid resume full of amazing experiences thus far, and I still have over two more years to add to it! So if you’re currently reading this as you sit down to try and make your decision process as to which school you will attend in the fall, I would like to end with this thought: a Linfield education, regardless of major, sets you up for success in more ways than are even tangible enough to describe. It’s a gut feeling that I have where I just know that I’ll be successful after I graduate. The statistics and numbers speak for themselves. Linfield is the place to be, and we would love for you to join us.

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Standing in front of my poster at the Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Standing in front of my poster at the Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

Taking a picture in front of the sign at Cafe du Monde.

Taking a picture in front of the sign at Cafe du Monde.