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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Kevin: Spring means lots of sun!

As we get into March that means Spring is starting. The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and the sun is out! Many people think of Oregon as a place that is cloudy and/or rainy all the time, and that is definitely not the case. Coming from Reno, Nevada, one of my biggest concerns […]

Kyra: The Swerve, Stumptown and the Schnitz

Yesterday was a complete whirlwind to say the least! Last week, I recieved an email from one of my English professors, inviting the lit department to attend a radio interview of the Shakespeare scholar, Stephen Greenblatt, on OPB’s station, “Think Out Loud”. Of course, I replied immediately and reserved a spot for myself on the […]

Austin: Why I decided on Linfield

Prospective students and families, as well as peers, often ask: why did you end up choosing Linfield? 1.)    Size. I wanted a school where I could develop personal relationships with my professors and have professors who cared about me. I wanted a school where I could go to my professor’s office and receive help if […]

Kyra: Portland, Pie Shakes, and Pollock

  Throughout the year, I always try to get off campus for a little bit and take advantage of just how easy it is to travel around Portland. This past weekend, my little sister was in a production of “RENT” for her school up in Gresham, so my friend Annika and I decided to take […]

Kevin: Opportunities at Linfield

Hello again everyone. Today I would like to briefly talk about some of the fantastic opportunities that students have here at Linfield. First and foremost, one of the best things about Linfield is that we are a strictly undergraduate institution. This means that there are no graduate students. This also means that professors teach classes, […]