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Kevin: Week Recap

Looking back on this past week I literally have to stop myself and think “What happened?” and “Where did all that time go?”. We are in the midst of midterms here at Linfield and Spring Break is right around the corner. Last week was intense to say the least. I had a number of things that kept me busy all week and an Organic Chemistry test looming large on Friday. In class on Wednesday our professor offered to hold a review session that night, and that was extremely helpful. This is one of the many times that I have seen or benefited from a professor going the extra mile to ensure their student’s success. We reviewed the test material for two hours Wednesday night, which was a great supplement to my usual studying. As a result I believe the test went really well – I should find out on Wednesday. Friday night was definitely the highlight of my week. My roommate’s girlfriend had a solo in the Linfield Chamber Orchestra’s performance, so I attended that. I was in awe of the talent portrayed by many of my fellow students, and a couple hours of orchestral music was exactly what I needed to relax after a busy week. I also did the radio broadcast for the baseball game on Sunday as we swept the Whitman Missionaries. It was a solid week, and I’m looking forward to another solid one prior to going home for Spring Break!

Til next time,