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Austin: One more week!

Enjoying a wonderful cup of coffe at Wildwood Cafe in McMinnville

My last week was a crazy, filled with a Biology midterm, a Calculus test, and an Intercultural Communication midterm. Needless to say, I was ready for a relaxing weekend where catching up on sleep would be my main focus. On Saturday morning, a few of my friends and I volunteered at a community center in McMinnville that serves free hot breakfast for community members in need. This was a fantastic experience! In addition to my group of friends, a group of international students that live in my building also came with us so it was fun to talk with them about their home culture and how they like Linfield so far. We served several homeless people from the community and I was able to sit down and talk with a few of them which was a great experience. I love that although McMinnville is smaller, there are still opportunities like this for students to get involved and interact with the community.

Only one more week until Spring break! I’m headed home to hang out with my dog and family for the week. Here’s to the homestretch!

Until next time,