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Kyra: Bag and Baggage, Spring Break!

This week is about to take off! The few days before Spring Break are always packed with events, midterms, studying and more. By the time break actually rolls around, it’s much needed. I have three fairly intense midterm exams in the next several days, so I’m very much looking forward to taking a breather from studying.

However much I complain about exams and the copious amounts of reading, writing, and stressing these require, I really do love all my classes this year. I’ve always been able to get into all the classes that I wanted, throughout my time at Linfield, but I  feel like I’m finally narrowing down my interest pool to what I want to pursue after graduation. Being a Junior is wonderful, my circle of friends are an amazing support system, especially when school and life get overwhelming. This weekend, we were able to get together and take a break from diving into our reading. It was nice to leave the books at home for an evening and have a lovely evening with everyone. Of course, it being St. Patrick’s Day, we all had to wear green.

Earlier this week, I was inducted into the Linfield’s brand new chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, a international English Literature honorary. Several Lit majors, along with our professors, had petitioned to open up a division at Linfield this fall, so it was nice to see that come into fruition. About fifteen other English and Creative Writing students were inducted into the honor society, so we had a small get together where we brainstormed for the upcoming years. Since we’re the inaugral group, we have a lot of freedom in deciding what we’d like to do with the club in the future. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it goes! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun–the department is very close, so we tend to work well together. After only the first meeting, we already have a ton of great ideas. Lastly, we all recieved some very cool pins for the honorary society, which look very spiffy.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to see a play with my Shakespeare class, last Thursday. Currently, we’re reading “The Merry Wives of Windsor” and the Bag & Baggage Theatre in Hillsboro is showing a production of John Dennis’ 1702 rewrite of the play. So, we were able to get tickets to hold the two in comparison. What made this even more interesting was the setting! The entire show was presented as a 1950′s black and white sitcom. Everything was in black and white–the set, the costuming, the makeup etc. I’d never seen “Merry Wives” portrayed as such, or even any live production with this type of set. Overall, the cast pulled the show off wonderfully. Seeing the show with other students from my class was a lot of fun as well–since we’d been having all the same group discussions, we were able to talk with some familiarity about the show, and get into some interesting topics.

Today in class, we had the pleasure of speaking with the director of the production, Scott Palmer. He answered questions we had about all aspects of the show–casting, inspiration, scripts etc. It was interesting to get the multiple perspectives after the lapse between seeing the show and discussing it, especially with the artistic director present.

If you’re interested in seeing the production, follow the link:

After this week, spring break can’t come sooner! I’m very much looking forward to seeing my family, friends, and spending a little time at home.

The pin I recieved for Sigma Tau DeltaTaking a break from studying to see my lovely friends!