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Kyra: Sunny Spring Days

This week has been absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice to finally get a preview of the sun, after so much rain. I moved to Oregon, from the Big Island of Hawaii about ten years ago, so I’m used to all the rain we get here, but I still miss the sun. It’s fun to see how all the different students at Linfield take advantage of the sunshine. We have about a nine month rainy season here in the Willamette Valley, so we take advantage of as much sun as we can get. There were students tanning, playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee, studying outside–I even heard of a giant slip and slide out on one of our game fields. The wireless internet here extends out to some of the fields, so you see students everywhere, spread out with food, blankets, and homework.

Personally, if I’m not reading outside, when it’s sunny out, I like to take a walk downtown with my friends and grab coffee. So, this Friday, Annika and I walked downtown and did some window shopping and took a break from studying. Third Street, the downtown area of McMinnville, is an awesome place to walk around, all times of the year. There’s a really lovely restaurant ,Community Plate. I hadn’t been there much–only one or two times for lunch. I usually prefer to go to Cornerstone–it’s a pretty central place for most Linfield students and we do a lot of studying there. Plus, they’re locally owned and operated, so it’s nice to support local business. However, we decided to go to Community Plate! As it turns out, they sell my very favorite coffee (like all Oregonians, I live off of good coffee), Stumptown! It’s kind of an addiction. Community Plate is also locally owned and operated–with a great rustic Americana interior–there are great open community tables for people to sit at together. It’s got a wonderful, welcoming vibe and delicious food. They also source all of their food seasonally and locally, which is a pretty big trend in Oregon. We love to support local farms and businesses. If you’ve ever seen Portlandia, it’s a pretty accurate spoof about how we treat “going local”.  I’ll certainly be making a habit of going there more often.

We got some coffee and got to sit in the sun, just outside. It’s nice to relax and people watch for a bit, instead of bringing a textbook outside and squinting at the text. Although I do love reading outside, it was really nice to just take a step back and observe. I hope this is a sign of Spring coming to Oregon. I love all the seasons here, but I’m definitely ready for some change in the weather. Oregon in the spring is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, we get an exhorbiant amount of rain, but it helps keep us green all year round–even into the late summer when it gets up into the 100′s. Flowers are starting to bloom around campus, along with our cherry blossom trees. It makes wallking to class very beautiful.

With luck, this weather will keep up! It’s been overcast today, so I guess we have to make up for all of the beautiful and premature sun we got over the weekend. However, it gets us ready for some pretty exciting events we’re having on campus. This week is Election week for ASLC, so we’ll choose our President for senior year! This year, two of my friends are running, so it makes voting difficult–but I know whoever ends up getting the position will have great intentions for Linfield in mind. I’m looking forward to voting and seeing who wins.

This upcoming week, we also have a great series of lectures! Tomorrow, I’m going to a lecture on,“Childe Harold and Fitzwilliam Darcy: A Tale of Two 200-Year-Old Heroes,” by Dr. Peter Graham, sponsored by the English Department, which will focus on Lord Byron, Mr. Darcy, Romanticism and the “dark hero”. So, I’m sure it’ll be really interesting. The Poltical Science and various other Humanities departments are also sponsoring several great events. Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down what to attend–both during the week and over the weekend.

This past Saturday, Linfield brought the film, “Les Miserables” to campus. The ICE auditioruim was filled! Anne Hathaway definitely deserved an Oscar for that role. It’s so cool to see her in a film like this; she’s held a special place in my heart since seeing her as Mia Thermopolis in “The Princess Diaries”.  I’m fairly certain everyone in the audience cried at least once–if you haven’t seen it yet, I reccommend it highly. This was my second time seeing it and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. The music, acting, cinematography and costuming are amazing! Also, you’ll like this if you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman. ( I know I am!) After the film, we were able to go to a friend’s house for a bonfire, so it circled around to a really nice end to the evening.

If you’re interested in checking out Community Plate the next time you’re in the area:

If you haven’t seen Les Miserables  yet, here’s the trailer:

I’ve included a few pictures from this weekend!

Catching up on some studying--transitioning from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" to "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

Catching up on some studying–transitioning from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to “The Merry Wives of Windsor”

Literally the best mocha you will ever have--I am addicted to Stumptown (if you can't tell already)

Literally the best mocha you will ever have–I am addicted to Stumptown (if you can’t tell already)

Sitting outside Community Plate with Annika! Such a lovely day!

Sitting outside Community Plate with Annika! Such a lovely day!