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Kevin: Spring means lots of sun!

As we get into March that means Spring is starting. The birds are chirping, the grass is green, and the sun is out! Many people think of Oregon as a place that is cloudy and/or rainy all the time, and that is definitely not the case. Coming from Reno, Nevada, one of my biggest concerns was the rain, but it has yet to be an issue at all. Here in McMinnville we usually only get a light rain when it does rain, and at times that can be rather pleasant. It is also usually just an off and on rain, and it keeps things nice and fresh and, most importantly, green. But now that it’s March the rainy season is winding down and there are many sunny days ahead. Linfield has a beautiful campus to enjoy, which is why I am going to cut this blog post rather short so I can go outside and do just that! For those of you that have yet to see the beauty of Oregon, you are missing out. Come visit campus this spring and see what it’s all about!

Til next time,