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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Kyra: Bag and Baggage, Spring Break!

This week is about to take off! The few days before Spring Break are always packed with events, midterms, studying and more. By the time break actually rolls around, it’s much needed. I have three fairly intense midterm exams in the next several days, so I’m very much looking forward to taking a breather from […]

Austin: One more week!

My last week was a crazy, filled with a Biology midterm, a Calculus test, and an Intercultural Communication midterm. Needless to say, I was ready for a relaxing weekend where catching up on sleep would be my main focus. On Saturday morning, a few of my friends and I volunteered at a community center in […]

Kevin: Week Recap

Looking back on this past week I literally have to stop myself and think “What happened?” and “Where did all that time go?”. We are in the midst of midterms here at Linfield and Spring Break is right around the corner. Last week was intense to say the least. I had a number of things […]

Austin: Weekends

     What is there to do on weekends? I often get questions from prospective students and their families about what students do during the weekends while at Linfield. What is great about Linfield’s location is how central it really is. Forty-five minutes one direction you can be in Portland and find major shopping, great […]

Kyra: Sunny Spring Days

This week has been absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice to finally get a preview of the sun, after so much rain. I moved to Oregon, from the Big Island of Hawaii about ten years ago, so I’m used to all the rain we get here, but I still miss the sun. It’s fun to see […]