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Kevin: The joys of Reading Day

Today is Reading Day here at Linfield College, which marks the end of another semester. Finals are next week, and the stress of it all is evident on many students’ faces. I would not hesitate to include myself in that category; this week has been rough to say the least with all of the final projects and everything else that comes with this time of the semester. Yet through it all, there continue to be some great things that remind me how I made the right decision in coming to Linfield College. Take this morning for example. My Math professor, Steve Bricher, told our class that he would be around some time today to answer any questions we may have. I figured I’d head over to the Math department early to get some studying done and see what questions I had before I tried to track him down. I sat down at one of the tables in Math Alley at 8:20 am this morning, long before I expected anyone to show up. As I was unpacking my stuff, Steve came out of his office, offered me a cookie, and sat down with me ready to study Math. I ended up being the only student there for almost an hour, and Steve sat with me the entire time, even when I didn’t really need his help. I’m sure he had grading to do along with a number of other things, but right there in that moment his attention was solely focused on me and my understanding. The great thing about Linfield is that by no means is this event a one-time thing, instead I know that Steve as well as the rest of the faculty here at Linfield are completely invested in their students’ education. This knowledge has helped relieve some of the stress I have been feeling, and it is one of the many reasons why I am grateful to call myself a Linfield Wildcat.

I probably won’t be posting again until 2013, so I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Years.

Until then,