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Austin: Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break… what a great week! I drove home¬†with one of my friends and flew back the next week. I am from Boise, Idaho however, my family moved last Summer so now my family lives in Coeur d’Alene Idaho which is about 45 minutes from Spokane, just across the state line. I was in Coeur d’Alene for about a week before I moved here so during break I was really able to spend some time getting to know the area. North Idaho is absolutely beautiful! Over the break my family and I went on a few hikes, went scouting for bald eagles (very popular in North Idaho this time of year I guess), and walked around the lake for a while. I have missed being able to have time to explore trails so it was very refreshing.

It was great to see my family and get caught up with them. I talk to them on a regular basis but it was nice to be able to sit down and chat face-to-face. My grandparents drove over from Washington and stayed with us for a few days and I was able to see my older brother, Jakob and his wife Eliza for an evening during a sushi dinner–which is always a great experience. I spent some great time with my girlfriend and the entire family was able to goto a big parade and lighting ceremony the day after Thanksgiving, which was beautiful.

I love to be in the kitchen, I find joy in starting with a few ingredients and ending up with something great like bread, pies or stir-fry. I also love to cook so I was happy to be able to make my family dinner throughout the week and help out with Thanksgiving dinner. My dad roasted a delicious turkey all day, and between my step-mom, grandma, grandpa, and I, we whipped up lots of potatoes (Idaho russets of course), salads, sweet potatoes, and amazing pies. My grandma and I made pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies, which not only smelled great in the oven but also were enjoyable forseveral days after.

Every year (since I’ve been 10 months old) I’ve joined my family in our tradition of going tree-hunting. We set a Saturday in December to snowshoe or hike back into the woods on the search for a perfect Christmas tree. If there is snow we usually make an entire day out of it and go sledding and enjoy food and hot chocolate on the mountain. Since I’m not coming home until the middle of December, we decided to go a week early and venture out into some mountains just outside Coeur d’Alene. It took some driving around and some hiking but we found the perfect tree and I was really happy to still be apart of the tradition this year although I live far away.

Break was relaxing and full of adventures. Lots of time outdoors, quality time with people I love, and have course, lots of time with my dog, Clark. Food was amazing and sleeping in was refreshing. It was nice to be away, but by the time Sunday rolled around I was ready to come back here and see familiar faces. Now just a week before finals… let the stressing begin.

Until next time,