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Kyra: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I can’t believe that it’ll be Thanksgiving in just a few weeks! It hardly feels like it’s time for Novemeber. The fall has flown by so quickly. The leaves have turned beautiful shades of red, gold and orange. I love walking around downtown McMinnville during this season. Fall is probably my favorite time of year, especially in Oregon. Despite all of the rain, it really is lovely. The air is so crisp and fresh. It’s not too cold yet, so when it isn’t raining, I can still get away without a heavy jacket. However, I still love the chance to pull all of my sweaters and scarves out of storage.

I’ll just be honest, Fall is a great time for food. Not only do we have candy galore, thanks to Halloween, but we also get to break out pumpkin-flavored-everything. Somehow, I’ve made it this far living in the coffee¬†addicted Northwest without having a Pumpkin Spice latte–until last week. I normally don’t like coffee, but my third year in college and my need for caffeine has converted me. It’s so convenient for those late night study sessions in the library. I treated Robin and I to some Pumpkin Spice lattes the other night. We were going to be up quite late in the library–I had to get through quite a bit of reading in “Invisible Man” and coffee was necessary to keep me awake. Now, I love pumpkin flavored things–part of the reason why I love fall so much is largely due to pumpkin pie. My brother makes a really delicious pumpkin pie from scratch.¬† I always look forward to the one time of year we can eat it, every year. In any case, I’m not exactly sure as to why there’s so much hype around the Pumpkin Spice latte. I tried the Starbucks version, since that’s the flavor with the most notoriety, but I wasn’t too impressed. I think I’ll probably just have to keep trying out different coffee shops around the area. Downtown McMinnville has several amazing local coffee shops–Cornerstone and Union Block. Cornerstone even makes and grinds their own coffee blends.

I tend to really like Cornerstone. It’s a great place to study or hang out. I’m generally there during the day on the weekends, writing or working on homework. It’s definitely a central hub for Linfield students. When I’m there I usually run into several of my friends (also studying). I think I’ll try their Pumpkin Spice, or their version of it, whatever it’s called. Since they’re so local, it’ll help my conscience a little bit towards the money spent. Support local business!

I’ll need a lot of coffee in the next few weeks! Linfield’s first undergraduate lit conference is coming up and I have several papers to revise and submit. Hopefully I’ll be selected to be on a panel and present my work! That would be absolutely amazing. Either way it goes, I have many long nights ahead of me.