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Austin: Family Weekend

Austin: Family Weekend

Last weekend was Family weekend and everywhere you looked there seemed to be parents and siblings roaming around with students across campus. I had a gr

eat time with my family. They arrived late Friday afternoon after my classes had finished; I was so excited to see them! I saw my dad last week for a few hours when he was over here for business, but I hadn’t seen my stepmom or little brother since August when they dropped me off.

Last February, when we visited campus for CompetitiveScholarship Day (awesome experience) we found a great local sushi bar in Sherwood, not too far from McMinnville. It was so good we had to go back. Once we were able to get in, I was reminded of my absolute love for good sushi. That is one of the things I miss most from home- home cooked meals. Sunday morning when they headed back home, we also checked out a local restaurant off of 3rd street, Wildwood Cafe… some of the best French toast and coffee I’ve ever had!

Saturday we ventured out into the rain and braved the big football gave against Willamette. My poor family, being from Idaho, didn’t quite know what to expect from Oregon weather. It can be clear skies and cool one minute and pouring down rain the next. Needless to say, we ended up leaving before the end of the game- but Linfield did win, so it’s all good!

We checked out the McMinnville Farmer’s Market Saturday afternoon which is really neat. It is mainly indoors and is year round, featuring local artists, craft makers, and a plethora of local food. If you ever visit, make sure you check it out!

Saturday evening we attended a show in ICE (an auditorium on campus) that was especially for family weekend- a mentalist! He read minds, moved a table in the air with his mind, made a book page start on fire, and did several other magical things. It was crazy! Being science-minded I assume there are methods behind all of it but when he read exactly what a piece of paper said in the pocket of my stepmom, I started to wonder. I’m still trying to figure it out via Google.

After a wonderful weekend of fun times with my family, great food, and lots of rain, Sunday afternoon was packed full of homework. After checking out of reality for a short weekend, I have returned. Back to the daily grind of class discussions, exams, work, and of course, lots of time with friends.

Until next time,


Oh, and Happy Halloween!