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Kevin: What a week it has been…

It’s hard to believe that my last post on here was only a week and a half ago. This last week and a half at Linfield has probably been the busiest nine days of my life. Midterms are upon us here, so it has been a hectic time with extra studying on top of the usual homework and everything else. However it’s times like that these that continue to prove to me that Linfield is the place where I belong. Take today for example. We had a review session in my Math class for our test on Monday. Our class of ten people showed up, and right when it was time for class to begin our professor walked in with a plate of cookies in one hand and his iPod in the other. He plugged his iPod into the sound system in the room and we listened to music while eating cookies and reviewing math. It was the perfect way to end a week where hectic has been the theme, but the little things have continued to make it great. I am continually reminded that the little things truly are important, just like Linfield: a small school with a huge impact.

Until next time,