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Austin: The First Month

It’s official; I’ve survived my first month of college. I started my journey with an 8 hour drive from Idaho to Portland and finally to McMinnville. I was fortunate enough to participate in the iFOCUS pre-orientation camp and move in a week early with the lovely 100-degree whether which reminded me of home (don’t worry, it’s only a month later and I’m wearing pants and a raincoat). iFocus is a week-long camp that combines a small group of students and faculty from all the different science departments for a camp full of interdisciplinary science exploration. We worked with bone cancer cells, used physics to construct a speaker out of a paper cup, cross-bread different fruit flies and studied their genes, and traveled to the coast for a few days to collect and analyze water samples. It was an incredible experience. Starting off my experience at Linfield with an experience like that, it’s hard to complain.

So far, I’ve gotten involved with a few clubs, judged a debate round at the state penitentiary, and of course, gone to Portland and gotten some voodoo doughnuts with friends. I’m starting to realize more and more everyday that college is different from high school. Yes, you do have to do your own laundry, yes, there is a ton of freedom, and yes, there is also a lot more homework. Overall though, it’s worth it! I’ve already spent several hours one-on-one with my professors going over material and asking questions, which means a lot. I’ve also spent late nights doing homework, laughing with friends, and early mornings where coffee is a must.

Courses are heavy, new friends are exciting, and living somewhere completely new is fascinating. College so far: Awesome.

Until next time,