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Dinner with Friends

It’s the second week back from Spring Break and things are already in full swing! Although I loved spending time with my family at home, it’s nice to be back at school with all of my friends. Last weekend, for my friend Annika’s birthday, we all went out to dinner at Golden Valley Brewery, which is right on 3rd st in downtown McMinnville. I think, in all, there were about twenty of us there to celebrate! We all dressed up (When going out to dinner, why not be classy?) and got to use their backroom for the dinner. This gave it such a nice, intimate vibe. It was great to see everyone, all together, after break. But, of course, the food was amazing too. I don’t think I’ve been to a single restaurant on 3rd street that I didn’t like. Then again, I tend to generally love food.  But, what I especially love about the selection on 3rd street is their attention to making delicious food with local and organic ingredients. It really just makes everything taste so much better! (Don’t get me wrong though, I still do enjoy the occasional midnight run to Taco Bell)

I’m definitely looking forward to the next chance we get to go out! All of our deadlines for term papers and projects are coming up, so I think another dinner will be necessary.