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Social Activism At Linfield

This has been an absolutely crazy month! I’m currently the co-president of our Global Action club, and in February, we booked Invisible Children to come and screen their latest film on campus. Honestly, we had no idea how big the film, Kony 2012, would become. A week before the event, the film exploded on Facebook–I think almost every one of my friends posted about it. Of course, with all of the millions watching, there came quite a bit of  controversy.

However, despite a lot of the negative feedback that they recieved, I think the controversy helped Invisible Children, more than hurt them. People were actually talking about Kony and his child soliders. These social issues were finally on the map of popular social media. Although, admittedly, the film doesn’t cover every essential detail of the problems the LRA has caused, they succeeded in their goal–they got people our age to care, do research about what they saw online, looking further into issues that didn’t have to do with the latest celeb gossip (though, from time to time, I’m a fan). 

When the film actually came to campus, about 70 people showed up–which I thought was amazing! It really gave everyone there a chance to see what those involved with Kony 2012 were thinking, as well as answer critical questions about the campaign. I’m definitely interested in seeing how this plays out–where it will go in politics, as well as if people will continue talking about it. I certainly hope they do!