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Kevin: March Madness

As I erased the majority of my white-board calendar last night to start putting things up for April, I realized just how busy March has been. I thought after everything that went on in February, March would be a piece of cake. I find myself sitting here yet again, wondering where all the time has gone. It has gone to classes, work, fun and games, and good times with friends. March has been utter Madness, but I never said that was a bad thing. Right now I’m two days away from Spring Break, and it will be Madness right up to the finish. I have my History of Ancient Rome Midterm this morning, Physics Discussion and Chemistry Lab this afternoon, and work this evening. Tomorrow I’m going non-stop from 8am to 4pm with various obligations. Sometime in there I have to do laundry and pack to head home! But I can honestly say that I have been enjoying the Madness here at Linfield College, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.