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Kevin: Mother Nature may be a bit confused

It has been an interesting March thus far in terms of weather. We’ve seen rain, snow, and sun, and even all on the same day. Take this morning for example. I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the ground with huge flakes slowly coming down. As soon as the sun came up the snow turned to rain, but by the time I was done with my first class (at 9:00 am this morning), everything was melted and the rain had stopped. Now I’m sitting here looking out my window at bright blue skies, green grass, with the sun shining everywhere. It’s a balmy 48 degrees, but with all of the sunshine a light jacket will suffice. I was told when I came to Linfield that it rains a lot in Oregon, but it doesn’t rain every day. I took that to heart, and I’ve seen exactly what they meant. Obviously we are in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is inevitable, but I think many people don’t give enough credit to the days that it doesn’t rain, or only rains for an insignificant part of the day (like when you’re sitting in class). Right now my afternoon is looking to be quite beautiful, and for the fourth day in a row I know I will be outside enjoying this weather, either going for a run or tossing around a football or frisbee. The day before these four straight I had to work all afternoon, so I was stuck inside looking at the sun. Mother Nature must not have gotten the memo that it’s supposed to rain all the time up here in Oregon. Instead she has decided to rain a bit in the morning and clear up as the afternoon progresses, making for some gorgeous days. My sunglasses are sitting out on my desk, and they have definitely been getting some use. So to those high school seniors out there that are considering Linfield as a possible school to attend in the fall, as someone from out of state, I have been pleasantly surprised by the weather. It’s all about your frame of mind, and if when you see our campus on a sunny day, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

That’s all for now,