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Kyra: Spring is Here?!

It’s almost hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of the first month of spring semester. It certainly feels more like December than Februrary, but this is Oregon after all–we have a few brave flowers peeking out from the ground, which hopefully bodes well for a gorgeous rest of the semester. I really can’t say how excited I am to dig deeper into my classes. Even through we’ve already been here for a few weeks, I feel as if we’ve barely scratched the surface. Tomorrow, for my Modern Art course, we’re taking a second field trip to the Portland Art Museum. We’ve been assigned a twenty page research paper on a work in the museum; my particular painting is “Waterlilies” by Claude Monet. We made the trip to the museum once already this semester, to study the actual painting, and now we’re returning to the Crumpacker Family Library to do further research. It’s a great opportunity and I’m definitely very excited to spend the day there (Food Carts for lunch, anyone?). I love how Linfield gives us the chance to get off campus and go to museums and libraries like this–later on in the semester my class is going on an overnight trip to the Seattle Art Museum! I have a definite feeling that this Spring is going to be amazing.

The picture shown above is the painting I selected, “Waterlilies” by Claude Monet (1914 – 1915). Photo taken from:

More information about the painting, as well as the artist, is included on the link.