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Kevin: February is almost over?

It is February 24th, meaning the first month of the spring semester is almost over, and I am left to wonder: Where did all of the time go? Why it seems just yesterday it was Superbowl Sunday and I was flying back to Linfield to start the spring semester. Now we’re a month in, and a month away from spring break. Time has literally flown, and I’m starting to realize where it went.

The last month has been filled with constant activity. My four classes have accounted for the majority of the time. I am taking a total of 17 credits, which is a pretty heavy course load. Since I am a freshman, I actually had to petition the Dean of Students to let me do so (the usual limit is 16). My four classes are Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 210), General Chemistry (Chem 211), Physics: Intro to Mechanics (Phys 211), and History of Ancient Rome (History 230). As a double major in Chemisty and Math, three of these classes are right up my alley in that they are completely centered on topics I am both familiar with and good at. However I have probably enjoyed my History class just as much, if not more, than the science and math. I have come to learn that Roman history and culture is completely fascinating, so I’m glad I took the class. I am taking it to fulfill my Vital Past requirement as a part of the Linfield Curriculum. The school has these LC requirements to force students to broaden their horizons and learn about topics outside of their comfort zone. I am doing just that, and enjoying it at the same time. While it won’t be enough to convince me to change my major or even take any more history classes, I am glad I was required to take at least one.  

Outside of the classroom things have been just as busy. The RISE Mentorship Program is getting started over at McMinnville High School, so I will be spending an hour a week working with high schoolers who, for whatever circumstances, wouldn’t normally think about college, and I’m trying to help them aspire to go to college. Also, I have become much more involved with KSLC, our student-run radio here at Linfield. I am an analyst for our Sports Broadcast team, which is a great job for me since I have had experience playing just about every sport there is. I did my first live broadcast with another student, Max Milander, for the last basketball game of the season, and things will get even more busy now that baseball season has started.  Intramural sports have started again, and while I’m not playing basketball, I’ve got a guaranteed starting shortstop position on one of my friends IM Softball teams.

Whew, that was a lot of information, and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. However, as it is Friday, I’m gonna get going now and enjoy my weekend. I hope everyone is doing well.

Til next time,