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Kevin: Starting strong in the Spring

Yesterday was the start of the Spring Semester here at Linfield and boy did I start it off right… not! I woke up late and had to rush to get to my first class on time. Once I got there, I realized that I didn’t have a pencil, so I had to be that guy and ask for one. And the day was just getting started. But while my day may have been a little rough around the edges, all I had to do was look outside to remember why I love it here at Linfield. The weather was BEAUTIFUL yesterday for the first day of spring. All I had to do was look out one of the huge windows in my class and realize that maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem, especially when you’re a student at Linfield College. I have two of my favorite professors this semester for what I think will be two fantastic classes. One of my other professors reminds me of a teacher that I had in high school that I really liked as well, so it’s shaping up to be a good semester thus far. And to cap it all off, this morning I woke up bright and early and had extra time to get to class early. I even had two (2) pencils. The underlying message here? It is really hard to have a bad day here at Linfield, because in just a blink of an eye you’ll find yourself smiling for some reason or another. It is just that great here, that’s the bottom line. If you don’t believe me, come visit and check it out for yourself. In closing, this Spring semester is starting off strong, and I know it’s gonna be a great one!

Til next time,