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Kevin: In the midst of Jan Term

As the title says, we are in the midst of our January Term here at Linfield. Jan Term is an optional, 1 month long, term between fall and spring semesters. It is a time to take a class on campus, study abroad, or even take a class online, all through Linfield. Some students also choose to stay home and enjoy an extended winter break. My experience thus far with Jan Term has been great. It has been really laid back, with a lot of time get homework done and just hang out. It’s been a great transition from doing just about nothing over winter break to getting back into the school frame of mind for the spring semester. On the admissions side of things, Discovery Day is coming up. It will be this coming Monday, January 16th, which is also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If you find yourself with nothing to do, I encourage you to make the trek up, down, or over to campus to come check us out. That’s about all I have for this time. I’m planning on heading up to Mount Hood on Saturday to hit the slopes with my roommate, so hopefully we get some good weather and I can take some pictures to add to my next post.

Til next time,