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Kevin: Crazy Week!

What a week! I Started it off bright and early on Monday morning with a Vector Calculus test, and the week just took off from there. I registered for classes on Tuesday, and after a little bit of extra paperwork I was able to get into all of the classes I wanted. It’s gonna be a very busy spring semester because I’ll be taking 17 credits, but I think I’m gonna have a blast at the same time. Intramural Volleyball started this week, and my team is currently 1-1. We won Tuesday night and lost Wednesday night to a really good team, but I think we’re gonna be ok once we figure out exactly who is better at the different positions so that we don’t have a guy that’s 6’6″ playing back row and a girl that’s 5’4″ up front, because that just doesn’t make sense. I have a good group of people on my team, and we’re having a ton of fun. Thursday was pretty interesting to say the least. My Chemistry lab was pretty fun because we actually proved some of the equations we had been learning about in lecture. I turned in my Colloquium Final project as well, so it was nice to be done with that. Later in the night I was just hanging out in the lounge in my residence hall watching Criminal Minds and one of the friends texted me saying it was an emergency and I needed to come to her room right away. Needless to say many scenarios went through my mind, and when she opened the door she and her roommate looked at me very seriously and concerned and asked how a lava lamp worked. They just could not figure it out! We looked it up on Google and ended up hanging out for a while, and overall it was a great night. It was probably one of the funniest things that’s happened all semester because I was truly worried at one point, but in the end they were just messing with me. Today was Fall Open House here at Linfield, and that was a great experience. It was so great to see a bunch of new faces on campus and meet a bunch of prospective students. I can only hope that we left a good impression and many of them will choose to join us in the future. That being said, it was a crazy week, but it was a great one nonetheless. Oh, and the Vector Calculus test I had on Monday? I got 100%. That was the icing on the cake of one of my best weeks here at Linfield.

Til next time,