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Kevin: Registration right around the corner.

With January and Spring registration right around the corner I’ve started to think about what classes I want to take for both of these terms. Right now for Jan Term I’m looking at taking Intro to Proofs in the Math Department along with Pickleball, a paracurricular class in the Health, Human Performance, and Athletics (or commonly referred to as HHPA) Department. For Spring I haven’t yet decided if I want a lighter load or a heavier load than I have right now. I am set on taking Chem 211 which will be a continuation of the Chemistry class I’m in now, Phys 210, which is a prerequisite for Physical Chemistry which I will take in later years, and Hist 233, or the History of Ancient Rome. Not only will that fulfill my Vital Past requirement in the Linfield Curriculum, but it also seems like a very interested class. On top of that I’m thinking about taking Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) because after that I will have already completed a Math minor since I was able to transfer some AP Math credits from high school.

On another note, the fall sports seasons are winding down and Linfield sports are doing well. Football is still reminding everyone who’s boss, and Volleyball has been playing very strong as of late. Hopefully all of Linfield’s fall sports can have successful playoff runs.

Finally, Fall Open House is coming up, and I’m excited to see a bunch of new faces here on campus checking out all that Linfield has to offer. It will be an all day event on Friday,┬áNovember 11, and I strongly encourage anyone who is able to come and check us out. I was honestly blown away when I intially visited campus, and that’s one of the many reasons I am here. I hope that same holds true for many prospective students out there. That’s all for today, I’m off to my Chemistry Lecture which starts at 9:30. I hope the college search/ admission process is going well for everyone.